• Triple Negative Breast Cancer


The Erica J. Holloman Foundation is honored to continue the work that Dr. Erica J. Holloman started in 2009. As a tribute to Erica, the EJH Bra Drive takes place every year for thirty five days from June 15th to July 19th . New bras are collected and hand stitched with a ribbon that states “Smiling for Erica”. The bras are donated to women shelters, “back to work” programs, and in disaster relief efforts. We are honored to have accomplished ten years of service in our community and across the country through our The EJH Bra Drive. With the generous support from people like you, we have donated close to six thousand bras nationwide.

Erica J. Holloman Foundation, Inc.

TriHealth Table Talk goes Pink!

The EJH Foundation teamed up with TriHealth for a Facebook live event on Triple Negative Breast Cancer. Check it out!

A special thanks to Dr. Susan Weinberg with TriHealth, Nyota Stoker, Manager of TriHealth’s Mobile Mammography and Community Outreach Program, Dr. Amie Jackson with TriHealth Cancer Institute, and Ms. Pat Lee, Triple Negative Breast Cancer Survivor.


Purchase your specialized TNBC plates today and help spread awareness! It’s easy! Just click HERE to order from the Ohio Bureau of MotorVehicles. Your purchase includes a contribution to The Foundation.

Breast Cancer Chronicles

Authored by Erica J Holloman PhD

“I have breast cancer.

My diagnosis date: October 2, 2007.

I am thirty-one years old with no history of breast cancer in my family.”

These were the first words of Erica Holloman when she learned of her cancer diagnosis. As a smart, strong woman, she tackled the diagnosis head-on, determined to beat the disease and not let it beat her. Follow Erica as she goes through medical and surgical procedures. Be with her loved ones as they use love, prayer, and support to help her through a trying time. Find hope and inspiration as you journey with her. Take control of YOUR health today and treasure Erica’s priceless Breast Cancer Chronicles…