Where do I begin? I have known Erica since the beginning of her life. I am her godmother. She was one of the most beautiful young women that I had the pleasure knowing and sharing those special moments in her life. She touched so many people on the short journey that our Lord had for her life. So I know that "The Erica J. Holloman Foundation" for Triple Negative Breast Cancer will forever keep her dream alive while keeping other African Americans informed with the information they need to know about this disease that affect many. She is up in heaven watching the work that her "Mother" and "Friends" are doing for this foundation. --LaTasha Carson

I met Erica in the 8th grade. How was I to know that a junior high band class would lead to over 20 years of friendship! We shared secrets, went to dances, had sleepovers, revealed crushes and survived heartbreaks. Finding out that Erica had breast cancer left me speechless. How could that even be possible? She was only 31 years old! She handled her battle as only Erica could - with humor, strength and a little bit of sarcasm. The morning I heard that she died, I was once again stricken speechless. I couldn't make sense of it. She was supposed to win! After months of contemplation it finally dawned on me - she DID win! Erica lived. Every day. She laughed more, loved harder and made every moment count. She taught us all to appreciate what we had and not to take ourselves too seriously. She won her fight because cancer did not break her spirit. She will always be missed, and because of Erica, we'll all live our dashes a little bit more. -- Dr. Leesha Thrower

I have been very blessed to have the opportunity to know Erica J. Holloman. She was a mentor, a co-worker, my sorority sister, and a good friend. I am very honored to be a part of the Erica J. Holloman Foundation.  We want to touch the world, so that Triple Negative Breast Cancer doesn't go unnoticed.----Ra'Shawn Brown



Erica J. Holloman Foundation, Inc.

Oh how I miss her so much! But her spirit, strength, love, purpose, and life, lives on in our family every day. While shamously questioning why Erica, it is good that her efforts and support of others will be continued and will impact the lives of others and they will be armed with information that will assist in making better decisions concerning their health. It’s so awesome!

--Candis Smith, Aunt.

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